"HELLAS is a delight, informative but also full of Greek sunshine and temperament, with important insights, I greatly enjoyed it."

--Flora Lewis
New York Times

"An informed and decidedly useful introdutction to Greece and the Greeks, light and lively. Zorba would be pleased."


"A delightful companion for travellers to Greece, Nicholas Gage's Hellas is written with insight and affection. Readers who' ve never been to Greece will want to go and those who have will want to return."

--John Brademas, President,
New York University

Perhaps no one is as uniquely qualified to take readers on an unforgettable journey through Greece than Nicholas Gage, author of the prize winning international bestseller Eleni

Completely revised from its first publication in 1971, HELLAS: A PORTRAIT OF GREECE is a personal, poetic, and incisive portrait of Greece in all its aspects told with the emotion of a native son, the perspective of a veteran foreign correspondent, and the paramount obligation of a storyteller to both illuminate and entertain

Within the pages readers will meet the inhabitants of Greece from multimillionaire shipping magnates to peasant philosophers, will explore the country's isolated mountain villages and unspoiled islands as well as its teeming industrial cities and raucous rural marketplaces. The reader will visit ancient ruins, Byzantine churches and Turkish minarets, and sample plates of Greek delicacies and glasses of ouzo in neighborhood taverna-like restaurants

Far more than a travel guide, HELLAS will fascinate anyone who has ever been lured by the spell of the country that is the cultural home of every civilized man, the country that Lord Byron called "one vast realm of wonder.

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